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Which is the best badminton grip type for sweaty hands?

by Mandar Marathe 07 Sep 2023 0 Comments
Which is best badminton grip type for sweaty hands?
Badminton is one of the high-intensity sports that makes the players sweat profusely. When the players sweat, their palms, which are in contact with the handle of the racquet, become wet, and they may find it difficult to hold the racquet or have a firm grip over it. However, there is no reason to worry, as solutions are available. They are badminton grip spray, hand grip cream, and GripStrong cream, to name a few. While they may have different names and characteristics, their purpose is the same – to help the player have a firm hold or grip over the badminton racquet.

Use a towel grip

For sweaty hands, it is recommended to use a towel grip. You can create the grip from scrap towels or buy one from your nearest sports store. Before putting on the towel grip, remove the racquet's original grip. Otherwise, the double grip will be too thick to use. Many top players use towel grips because they like the loose, relaxed feeling of holding a towel grip when they play. However, when it gets wet, the towel grip becomes a little slippery and applying grip spray helps with your hold of the racket.


Use of hand grip cream or GripStrong cream or grip spray in badminton

If you are uncomfortable using a towel grip and want to stick with the usual rubber grip, hand grip cream, GripStrong cream, or grip spray can be helpful. The benefit of using a hand grip or GripStrong cream in badminton is that it forms a dry barrier over the skin to prevent sweat from accumulating on the palm. The cream evaporates quickly and deposits microscopic silica particles on the skin. These particles combine with natural oils in the skin to form a fine-grade, sandpaper-like moisture barrier on the player's hands. This aggressive non-slip formulation significantly increases the friction between the players' hands and their badminton racquet handle, thus effectively enhancing grip. In other words, the hand grip cream is called an antiperspirant cream. Besides, grip spray can also be used as a substitute for hand grip or GripStrong cream. Grip spray is made of magnesium carbonate hemihydrate. A badminton player can apply grip spray to their playing hand and then rub it directly into the grip. The grip spray is a substance that helps prevent the hand from sweating as much and provides the player with a cool and dry feeling.


Magic in 30 seconds.

It takes just 30 seconds to show the effect. The cream is usually made from natural ingredients; therefore, there are generally no side effects. The cream is gentle on your hands and can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they have oily or dry skin.
If you are more interested in use case of Gripstrong spray, read our article on- Are Gripstrong Sprays Better For Badminton Compared To Grip Powder??

Do you know anyone who suffers from sweaty hands? How do they deal with sweaty hands? Comment below

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you choose the best grip for badminton?
    A. To choose the best grip for badminton, consider your playing style and hand size. Try different grips like towel, PU, or overgrips for better control and comfort. Experiment to find the one that suits you best.
  2. What is more expensive grip in badminton?

    In the world of badminton, the most expensive grip tends to be the custom-made or high-end branded grips. These grips are often crafted from premium materials, offering superior durability, sweat absorption, and tackiness. Some of the most expensive grips may also feature innovative technologies designed to enhance player performance. Additionally, limited edition or signature grips endorsed by professional players can command higher prices due to their exclusivity and collector's appeal. While these top-tier grips can be pricey, they are often favored by serious players seeking the best possible performance and comfort.

  3. Which is better towel or rubber grip?
    A. The choice between a towel grip and a rubber grip in badminton largely depends on personal preference and playing style. Towel grips are known for their sweat-absorbing properties and are often favored by players who sweat heavily during matches. However, towel grips may wear out faster and require more frequent replacement.
    On the other hand, rubber grips provide a firmer and more durable grip, making them preferred by players who prioritize control and precision in their shots. They are also less likely to become slippery over time. Ultimately, the decision between towel and rubber grips comes down to your specific needs and comfort on the court.
  4. Is towel grip good for sweaty hands?
    A. Yes, a towel grip is an excellent choice for individuals with sweaty hands in badminton. Towel grips are specifically designed to address the issue of excessive hand perspiration. They offer superior sweat-absorbing properties, helping to keep your grip dry and secure during intense rallies. This can significantly enhance your control and prevent the racket from slipping in your hand, allowing for more confident and precise shots.
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