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Get Your Skin In The Game


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Elemnt Sports Cosmetics


Sports Skincare & Cosmetics

created for men & women who sweat

We understand the skincare & body care needs of cricketers, swimmers, runners, footballers, racquet sports players, outdoor enthusiasts and other athletes alike.

Elemnt is here to revolutionize result-driven sports skincare & cosmetics for you.

Elemnt Sports Cosmetics

Sports skincare, true to your lmnt

No Parabens

No Sulphate

No Cruelty

No Carcinogens

Earth friendly


Get your skin in the game with sports skincare tips & reco’s.

Do Indians need Sunscreen?

Do Indians need Sunscreen?

Over the years, many sunscreens have flooded the Indian markets thanks to the growing demand for this skin-care product. There has been an overwhelming increase in awareness about taking care of the skin. Being the largest organ of the body, skin can seldom be...

What is SPF in sunscreens?

What is SPF in sunscreens?

You must have often come across the acronym SPF while looking for sunscreens. What does SPF stand for? The full form of SPF is the Sun Protection Factor. Why is SPF important? SPF is one of the most crucial features of sunscreen since it measures how well a sunscreen...

What is PA+++? Why is it essential for your skin?

What is PA+++? Why is it essential for your skin?

Sunscreen has become one of the integral parts of skin-care products. Though most of us are aware of sunscreen and its uses, there might be few who may not have exact knowledge about some of the aspects of sunscreen. As the name suggests, sunscreen protects the skin...

Elemnt Sports Skincare & Sports Cosmetics

Playing sports often means you’ll be exerting a lot of energy and sweating in the process. This is why taking care of your skin is arguably more important. From sports sunscreens to face cleansers, we have sports skincare products that help you take care of your skin whilst allowing you to do what you do best on the sports field. So, whether it’s cricket, running, football, cycling, tennis, swimming or anything else, we have sports cosmetics products to help minimise moisture and keep you sweat-proof.

Sports Sunscreen
Sunscreen should be essential to your skincare routine, especially if you’re playing sports regularly outdoors. It helps protect you from UVA A and B rays, and lengthy exposure to the sun.

Sports Face Cleansers
Often after you’ve applied many of your products to your face and finished playing sports, the first instinct is to cleanse. Elemnt face cleanser products use ingredients that gently cleans away dirt and sweat and leaves your skin hydrated and supple.