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Definitive Sports Skincare

Explore best-selling safe, mineral-based, and 100% toxin-free sports skincare products from Elemnt Sports Science. Get amazing deals & discounts!

Sun Protection

Explore best-selling safe and 100% toxin-free mineral zinc sunscreens for cricketers from Elemnt Sports Science
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Swim Skincare

Our unique range of skin care products for swimming includes a pre-swim lotion, post swim shower gel & world's 1st Anti-chlorine Soap.
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Daily Active Skincare

Explore dermatologically-tested and safe coolant deo talcums, epsom salts, & face cleansers for any sporting / outdoor activity.
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Face Cleansers

Explore gripping solutions for a stronger grip on your sports apparatus
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Elemnt Sports Skincare & Sports Cosmetics

Living an active lifestyle is one of the best things you can do to support overall health. But, the excess sweat, dirt, and sun exposure that comes along with it can wreak havoc on your skin.

As a sports person, your lifestyle puts extra pressure on your skin throughout the day. You get up, wash your face, apply a moisturizer, but then, at some hour between morning and evening, you work up a sweat. Maybe it’s gradual, or maybe it’s an intense cardio session. Either way, it demands a significant alteration to your everyday skincare regimen.

Elemnt Sports Science is World’s 1st Sports Skincare brand that caters to athletes & outdoor enthusiasts who want to perform at their peak without compromising the health of their skin.

Elemnt literally has its #SkinInTheGame with innovative skin care products for cricketers, footballers, runners, cyclists, badminton & tennis players and all outdoor enthusiasts including trekkers & those who love to swim.

From sports sunscreens to face cleansers, we have sports skincare products that help you take care of your skin whilst allowing you to do what you do best on the sports field. So, whether it’s cricket, running, football, cycling, tennis, swimming or anything else, we have sports cosmetics products to help minimise moisture and keep you sweat-proof.

Sports Zinc Sunscreens
Sunscreen should be essential to your skincare routine, especially if you’re playing sports regularly outdoors. It helps protect you from UVA A and B rays, and lengthy exposure to the sun. Elemnt has developed a unique range of Zinc Sunscreens that have a high composition of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide minerals which make it the best physical sunscreens in India for sports.

Our zinc sunscreens are used by more than 15k cricketers across the domestic, IPL and international circuit.

Our zinc sunscreens are available in 3 variants White Zinc Oxide Sunscreen: Used by cricketers. They are physical sunscreens that leave a white cast as seen on most cricketers including David Warner, Virat Kohli etc.

Brown Zinc Oxide Sunscreen: The brown zinc oxide sunscreen variant is created for the Indian / Asian skin tone. It blends in with the skin color and is similar to formulation like the white zinc sunscreen.

Invisible Zinc Sunscreen: The invisble zinc sunscreen is a clear zinc / transparent zinc sunscreen which has a small quantity of zinc oxide. This variant of zinc sunscreen is created for all sports including running, cycling, swimming (as invisible zinc is water resistant and blends into the skin), trekking & high-altitude mountaineering.

This innovative variant is available in twisted capsules, called Invisible Zinc Sunscreen Shots. You can carry 1 zinc capsule with you to apply while you are outdoor. The invisible zinc sunscreen is also available in a tube and a 100ml bottle.

Swimming Skincare Products

Our unique range of skin care products for swimming includes a pre-swim lotion that can be applied by swimmers of all age before they enter a swimming pool or a hot tub bath. The pre-swim lotion offers 60-minutes of water resistance and shields a swimmers skin from chemicals such as chlorine and bromine which are usually used to treat pool water.

We also have developed the World’s 1st Anti-chlorine bathing soap which is rich in Vitamin C and helps remove chlorine stench from your body post swim or hot tub bath session.

Sports Face Cleansers

Often after you’ve applied many of your products to your face and finished playing sports, the first instinct is to cleanse. Elemnt face cleanser products use ingredients that gently cleans away dirt and sweat and leaves your skin hydrated and supple.

Our sports face cleansers include a Zero Water Facewash – The waterless facewash requires no water to cleanse your face and is ideally suited to a sports / outdoor enthusiast who does not have access to water facilities.

We also have a highly reviewed Charcoal facewash that deeply moisturises and cleanses your skin.