Why Choose Elemnt Zinc Sunscreen?

100% Indian Brand

Our zinc sunscreen uses all ingredients sourced from India and we are proud to offer a 100% genuine product from India.

Used by IPL, Ranji Players

Trusted by International cricketers including Sarfaraz Khan, Sheldon Jackson, Himanshu Mantri, Ayush Singh, Mihir Hirwani & 5000+ cricketers.

Enriched with Minerals

Our sunscreens contain a high % of minerals like Zinc oxide & Titanium Dioxide which provide superior protection against UVA & UVB rays.

Hear it from cricketers & coaches…

Feedback after 4 Months by Yatin Mehta – ICC, Cricket Australia certified coach

This is a honest & transparent feedback after 4 months of continuous usage of Elemnt Zinc Sunscreen 360 in hot conditions in India.

Things that Yatin Mehta liked the most of Elemnt Zinc Sunscreen 360

  1. Long lasting white & brown zinc sunscreen
  2. Water & Sweat resistant
  3. Non Itching. It contains Aloe vera, which acts as a nourishment to the skin
  4. Good Fragrance
  5. Most importantly, a little bit of zinc can easily cover a cricketers face for more than 6 hours

I am a professional cricketer having played Ranji & top level cricket. I use & recommend Elemnt Zinc Sunblock 360 for every cricketer.

Bhupen Lalwani, Mumbai Ranji Cricket Player

Have been using white zinc from Elemnt since March 2022 and have seen no side effects. Very good product. Thumbs up!

Ayush Singh, India U19 & Punjab Kings

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