Sunscreen has become an integral part of the skin-care routine. To protect the exposed parts of the body from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the burning sun sunscreen is applied. Overexposure to these dangerous UV rays can cause sunburn, rashes, pigmentation, ageing, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. In view of this, protecting the skin from UV rays is essential. Applying sunscreen before stepping out of the home is of paramount importance.

How does sunscreen help in protecting the skin from the hurtful UV rays emitted by the scorching sun?

Sunscreens can be made from natural or chemical ingredients. It is quite obvious that sunscreens made from natural resources are safer than chemical compounds. Nowadays, many sunscreens contain rich minerals like zinc, and titanium, to name a few.

Sunscreens that are rich in the said minerals and others are very effective as they help in blocking the UV rays from interacting with the exposed parts of the body. This article will look at how a sunscreen containing titanium can protect against the sun’s rays.

Titanium dioxide in Sunscreen

Titanium dioxide is one of the essential ingredients in sunscreen. It is a white-coloured powder that helps in protecting the exposed parts of the body from harmful UV rays. One of the standout features of titanium dioxide is that its particles are not absorbed into the skin.

In other words, a sunscreen with titanium dioxide stays on the skin’s surface. Establishing itself on the skin’s surface, titanium dioxide can reflect and scatter away a large chunk of UV rays away from the body, thus ensuring that these rays are kept at bay, not hitting your skin. Titanium dioxide has a higher refractive index than most of the other compounds used in sunscreen.

Typically, there are two main types of UV rays; UVA and UVB. What is the difference between the two? UVA rays can cause skin damage that results in tanning, skin ageing, wrinkles, and sunburn. On the other hand, UVB rays are more dangerous and can cause sunburn and skin cancer. To fight against the harsh UVB rays, titanium dioxide is employed. A sunscreen containing titanium dioxide has an increased ability to protect the wearer of the sunscreen from damaging UVB rays. Besides this, titanium dioxide-based sunscreens have broad-spectrum properties and can fight against UV rays, infrared radiation, and visible light.

Given the importance of titanium dioxide in sunscreens, many dermatologists and paediatricians recommend sunscreens containing this vital ingredient. Titanium dioxide is not a chemically active ingredient. Hence applying a sunscreen made up of titanium dioxide will not cause any irritation and ensure that the wearer feels comfortable upon applying the sunscreen. Titanium dioxide is a natural, safe and effective alternative to chemical-based sunscreens.