There is an increasing number of girls getting into sports. Whether it is just for fun or as a profession, we can see that more and more girls are going out there in the heat to get that adrenaline rush. Running, swimming, playing cricket, lawn tennis and other outdoor sports over a long period of time can take a toll on the skin. Considering that the majority of the girls have sensitive skin compared to their male counterparts, it is of utmost importance for them to take good care of their skin. While there is seldom any doubt that sports can release happy hormones, it can however have some detrimental effects on the skin, if this largest organ of the body is ignored.

So, how can the girls take care of their skin, while they want to enjoy playing the sport that they love the most? Here are four easy tips for all the sports-enthusiastic girls and women out there:

Apply sunscreen

Just like you have a kit bag or a training bag with all the necessary equipment that help you play the sport, sunscreen should form an essential part of your training kit. When you apply sunscreen on your face and other exposed parts of your body it acts as a shield and protects you from the harmful UV rays emitted by the scorching sun.

Excess exposure to these dangerous UV rays can also cause skin cancer. Hence, it is important to apply sunscreen when you are expected to be out in the sun for a longer duration of time.

Wash your face after workout/training/game

Once you are done with your workout/training/game, your top priority should be cleaning your face. Dust, pollution and other toxic particles are an inevitable part of our external surroundings. When you are out playing you are subject to these harmful particles.

If these particles are allowed to stay on your face for long, they can cause various skin problems, like pimples, rashes, acne, blackheads, etc. Washing your face with a good face wash can help you get rid of these toxic elements.

Keep your skin hydrated

Typically, girls with oily skin do not face the problem of skin dehydration. However, for girls who are into sports, whether you have oily skin or dry skin, your workout or training tends to pull out most of the water from your skin and can make your skin look dehydrated and dull. In order to combat this issue, applying a moisturizer or a serum or face oil can quench the thirst of your skin.

Have a healthy diet

Foods rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Omega 3 fatty acids and other essential fatty acids are considered to be good for maintaining a healthy skin.

Some of the food items that you can consider including in your diet that will give you the said vitamins, minerals and fats, are fish, walnuts, broccoli, tomatoes, lemon, sweet potatoes, red and yellow bell peppers, soy, dark chocolate, green tea, red grapes, etc.