Blisters are tiny bubbles on the skin filled with serum. They are caused by friction, burning, or other damage. Blisters are typically formed on the skin and can get very annoying if left unattended. While blisters form an almost inevitable part of our lives, there are ways in which we can prevent them from developing.

Typically it is seen that people who run a lot have a high chance of having blisters. In the case of athletes, again, there is a healthy probability of them forming blisters. The blisters can not only be annoying but also hamper performance. Therefore we must find ways to prevent blisters. People who enjoy running may start hating the activity because they might develop blisters.

So what can be the ways to prevent blisters while running? Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Wear socks: While running, our feet undergo a lot of wear and tear. The muscles of our feet and the skin are put under immense pressure while running. So what can one do to protect the skin of feet? The simplest way to protect the skin of feet from developing blisters is to wear socks.

You can wear either nylon or other moisture-wicking socks. For some people, wearing one pair of socks might not help. In that case, they can wear two pairs of socks. Apart from the socks, the kind of shoes you wear is essential. The size of the shoe matters. Ensure that you wear the right size of shoes. They should be of the perfect fit, neither loose nor tight.

Use the right set of clothes: When hitting the gym or streets for a good run, ensure that you are correctly dressed for physical activity. Do not wear tight clothes. Instead, wear loose-fitting and moisture-wicking clothes. A dry fit is the best choice since it does not soak sweat.

On the other hand, avoid clothes made of cotton, as cotton soaks up sweat and moisture, which can result in friction and chafing.

Use soft padding and bandages: The parts of the skin which you think can develop blisters should be covered with soft bandages, for instance, adhesive moleskin. Apply the soft bandages properly so that the affected area is aptly protected. You can also try soft padding to make your feet comfortable while running.

Apply cream, powder, or jelly: You can apply cream, powder, or petroleum jelly to the parts of your skin that are sensitive to blisters. This will help reduce friction when your skin rubs together or against clothing. While running, there is a high chance that your thighs will run against each other.

Constant rubbing of the thighs can lead to skin irritation and cause blisters. Thus, you can wear a cream, powder, or jelly to keep your thighs apart, thereby averting any skin irritation or blister formation.

Be aware of the early signs: While you may be busy enjoying the scenery during your run, ensure that you catch the early signs of developing blisters. If you sense skin irritation while running, you must stop the activity immediately to prevent further damage. If you are wearing shorts, you can see the colour of your skin changing to reddish. In such a situation, it is wise to stop your run because it is an early sign of developing blisters.

Though most blisters tend to heal in one to two weeks, you must treat them immediately when they are formed or be aware of the early signs of the blisters’ formation. So if you want to enjoy a good run, keep the ways mentioned above to prevent blisters in mind. Happy running!