Cricket is a game in which there is a high chance of getting hurt physically. One could get hurt on arms, legs, fingers, for that matter even face. Apart from these body parts where one could get hurt while playing cricket, the sport can harm the largest external organ of the body, which is the skin. Yes, cricket being an outdoor sport, the cricketers are exposed to sun for longer periods of time. The sun, though provides the required light to play the sport, emits some harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays which can cause damage to the exposed body parts of the cricketers. Cricketers, who are cognizant of this fact, often apply a white coloured sunscreen, which protects them from these harmful UV rays of the sun. This white coloured sunscreen is nothing but the zinc sunscreen, which is made of zinc oxide. This zinc sunscreen can be applied to different parts of the body like arms, cheeks, nose and lips.   Typically, the zinc sunscreen is applied to the body parts that are exposed to the damaging UN rays emitted by the sun.

Qualities of zinc sunscreen

Unlike the ordinary sunscreens which are not zinc-based, a zinc sunscreen has certain qualities which makes it stand apart from its peers. For instance, a zinc sunscreen which is also called as a physical sunscreen has the ability to stay on top of the skin for longer durations of time. Given that cricket is a demanding sport, making the players sweat profusely, a zinc sunscreen is quite rigid in nature as it does not get easily absorbed into the body. Zinc sunscreen is sweat resistant, water resistant and oil-free, which makes it strong enough to stay on top of the skin. It acts as a protective shield and offers protection to the exposed body parts of the cricketers from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. Zinc sunscreen is water resistant. The reason for this is that the zinc sunscreen is primarily composed of zinc oxide, the chemical formula for which is ZnO. Zinc oxide is an inorganic compound which is insoluble in water. Sweat is nothing but a form of water. Given the water-insoluble nature of zinc oxide, zinc sunscreen can stay on despite there being water or sweat on the skin. Zinc oxide sunscreen takes utmost care of the skin of the cricketers in such a way that the players can completely forget about the sun causing damage to their skin and purely concentrate on their game to deliver their best performance. Apart from these qualities, one of the important features of a zinc sunscreen is that it is natural and not chemical based unlike the ordinary sunscreens which are also called as chemical sunscreens. Zinc sunscreen, on the other hand, is called mineral sunscreen as it is made of zinc oxide, which contains the mineral zinc. Since it is a natural product, the chances of getting any kind of side effects are bleak. Also there are some zinc sunscreens with aloe vera, which not only makes the product more natural but also gives it a good fragrance. Since the cricketers have to keep the zinc sunscreen on for longer periods of time, it is important that the kind of zinc sunscreen they use is natural, reliable and of course if it has a good fragrance, then it is a cherry on the cake.

How to select the best zinc sunscreen for cricketers

There are certain parameters which a cricketer must keep in mind before selecting the best zinc sunscreen for himself/herself.

1. High SPF or Sun Protection Factor

The first and foremost factor that one must look for is the SPF (Sun Protection Factor). There are a large range of zinc sunscreens available with different SPFs. For instance, SPF 15, SPF 25, SPF 30, SPF 40, SPF 50, to name a few. A sunscreen with a higher SPF rating is known to provide more protection against the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. Let’s take an example of a zinc sunscreen with SPF 30. A zinc sunscreen with SPF 30 offers protection against 97 percent of the UV rays emitted by the scorching sun. In other words, a zinc sunscreen with SPF 30 allows only three percent of the UV rays emitted by the sun to hit the skin of the zinc sunscreen applicant. If a cricketer wants more protection, then he/she can opt for a zinc sunscreen with SPF 50 or SPF 100. A zinc sunscreen with SPF 50 and SPF 100 provides protection against 98 percent and 99 percent of the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun respectively. It is also known that a zinc sunscreen with an SPF in the range of 30 to 50 has the ability to protect the zinc sunscreen applicant from sunburn.

2. Choose a natural / mineral based sunscreen

Second, it is important to select a zinc sunscreen that is completely natural or mineral-based. A zinc sunscreen, which is made up of zinc oxide, is mineral based. The white coloured particles which are nothing but zinc oxide have the ability to protect against the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. While selecting the zinc sunscreen, cricketers must ensure that they read the ingredients which are used in the making of the zinc sunscreen. Apart from zinc oxide, there are some zinc sunscreens which contain aloe vera, which gives a more natural effect to the sunscreen. The natural zinc sunscreens are suitable for any skin type and seldom cause any side effects. A good zinc sunscreen is water-resistant, sweat-resistant and oil-free. Zinc Sunscreen for Cricketers

3. Get a Zinc sunscreen tube with a small mouth

Third, if the cricketers have a choice, they can select small tubes of zinc sunscreen. Zinc sunscreens are available in 50gm as well as 100gm tubes. These tubes are easily portable. Also the tubes have small mouths, which ensure that not a large quantity of zinc sunscreen comes on hand when a cricketer is trying to apply it on his/her body parts.

4. Choose a zinc oxide sunscreen that can be easily removed

Fourth, a good sunscreen should be easily washable with warm water and face wash. If a cricketer is not able to get rid of his/her zinc sunscreen after the game with warm water and face wash, then there is some issue with the zinc sunscreen that is being used. Elemnt Zinc Sunscreen 360 has a high SPF 50+, is natural / mineral based with aloe vera, comes in tubes of 50gm & 100gm and can be easily removed.