Trekking takes you closer to nature and explores its beauty. Trekking usually involves climbing a mountain in daytime. Treks can be simple or complex. Simple treks are usually for shorter duration of time, while the complex treks can be for longer periods of time from a few hours in a day to multiple days.

While the trekkers often wear a cap to protect themselves from the hot sun, not many apply sunscreen. Wearing a cap is essential since it offers protection from the sun, which ensures that the trekkers do not have a headache. However many are ignorant about the repercussions of this sun on their exposed parts of the body. Taking into consideration the potential harm that the exposure to sun during trekking can cause, it is important to use not just an ordinary sunscreen but zinc sunscreen.

Use zinc sunscreen while trekking

If you want to enjoy your trekking without worrying about the potential damage that could be caused to your skin and exposed parts of the body, then applying a zinc sunscreen is a must. A zinc sunscreen is a white coloured cream which is usually used by athletes and other individuals who are required to remain outdoors for a longer period of time. As a part of their jobs, these people are out in the sun, which could cause harm to the exposed parts of their body. The sun emits harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays which can cause some damage to the exposed skin. Therefore to protect oneself from these hurting UV rays it is advisable to use zinc sunscreen.

Zinc sunscreen offers protection and acts like a protective shield against the dangerous UV rays emitted by the scorching sun. Too much exposure to these UV rays can even cause skin cancer. Hence, it is better that one applies zinc sunscreen before starting his/her trek.

Zinc sunscreen is better than ordinary sunscreen

There are a host of sunscreens available in the market. While some are ordinary sunscreens, some are zinc sunscreens. What is the difference between the two? An ordinary sunscreen is usually chemical-based, while a zinc sunscreen is natural, since it is made from the mineral zinc and oxygen. An ordinary sunscreen because of its chemical ingredients is called a chemical sunscreen, while zinc sunscreen is called a mineral-based sunscreen.

An ordinary sunscreen offers protection against the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, it may have some side effects or may not suit the different skin types like dry skin or oily skin given the chemical content in the sunscreen. On the other hand, a zinc sunscreen, which is more natural, seldom has any side effects and it can be used by people with different skin types.

An ordinary sunscreen, after applying, gets wiped off in a short period of time. This is because of the sweat. Conversely, a zinc sunscreen is sweat-resistant, water-proof and oil-free. Due to these properties of the zinc sunscreen, it stays right on top of the skin and does not get wiped off easily. Zinc sunscreen, due to its long withstanding ability is also called as a physical sunscreen.

Choosing the right zinc sunscreen

A zinc sunscreen that is made from natural ingredients is always a better choice. It can be applied by people from any age group. Apart from checking the ingredients with which zinc sunscreen is made, selecting the right sunscreen with a good SPF (sun protection factor) is important. A zinc sunscreen with SPF 30 offers protection against 97 percent of the UV rays, while a zinc sunscreen with SPF 50 offers protection against 98 percent of the UV rays.

Additionally, there are some zinc sunscreens like the Elemnt Life Zinc Oxide Sunscreen – Zinc Sunblock 360 which contains aloe vera. Aloe vera enhances the quality of the zinc sunscreen, making it more natural and giving it a good fragrance.

So, next time when you set out for your trek, make sure that you carry a zinc sunscreen with you, ofcourse along with your cap!